Too Drunk To Fuck - EP

by Poon Slayers Anonymous

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recorded in the summer of 2014, too drunk to fuck, the debut EP of poon slayers anonymous captures innocent teen life as we know it. recorded in julian berosh's bedroom under the influence of alcohol


released October 14, 2014

(c) 2014 Julian Berosh



all rights reserved


Poon Slayers Anonymous Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Poon Slayers Anthem
lets get this party going tonight
get some drink in you and youll feel alright
i got a 20 dollar drink ticket
got everything i need, don’t need no stupid bitches
tonight is all about poon slayers anonymous
bow down to us cause were the fucking shit
alright i gotta go but ill see you later
i gotta go piss on more fucking haters

but you already know
face the impossible
these shots are ready to go
until i hit the floor
and take away these three bad bitches that seem totally fuckable
take them back to my hotel room so i can get comfortable
i lay awake for days and days while they slob on my knob
and then i put some butter on em like its corn on the cob

poon slayers anonymous
Track Name: Too Drunk To Fuck
im too drunk to fuck
i dont care cause your bitch sucks

how did i get so horny
how did i get so drunk
how did i get so horny
will you suck my dick right now

take off my condom
put it in your mouth
oh my god
im gonna cum
Track Name: I Need Some Vodka
i need some vodka

fuck you
eat shit

die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die

whatsa matter buddy are ya feelin kinda sick right now well die
might have seen a lot of things but you are just the biggest bitch you bitch
when i wake up every day i feel like somethings growing in me now
its inescapable its uncomprehensible its killing me

i need some vodka
Track Name: Plastic White Female (bonus track)
small plastic white female on top of my penis
make me cum on your face watch me wank and masturbate
small plastic white poon tang soft like pillow case
stuff your face into the bed wank me off and then give me head
take that dick

take this dick and stuff it in your hole like you were a casserole